Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mrs. Kruthoff

Dear  Mrs. Kruthoff  I wanted  to take  time and thank you for  all  the thinks that you done for me over the years . I came  into the middle school  quiet  and after I left  there I was getting told to shut up. I have learned  a  lot from you maybe not all good  but  you will have that  in school. Like the time we put the fart  machine under someones  chair . One of the the things you taught me is not  to mess with your popsicle sticks by you making me read all year after I put Codys’ name on them all them. Then we gave Tanner a detention and made him think it was real. Im shocked that you are still teaching after our class. They say what  don’t kill you makes you stronger that must be true ! 
Sincerely your favorite student ever Shannon Decker 

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